Your Story is Your Strength

When applying for this entrepreneurial course I made an assumption that I might learn a thing or two about business which might help me in furthering my skill set and progress with my business plan, nothing prepared me for what was truly to unfold, the complete shaking up of my world and a journey of self-discovery which would lead me to walk through the eye of the storm and emerge an evolution of myself.

There have been many defining moments during the course of the New Ventures Studio journey, however the most powerful moment for me came not from the teachings of the theory, or even business (although useful in other senses) but from the lessons bestowed upon me by being privileged enough to witness the assignment entitled “My Story”. The assignment brief was simply to practice the story telling technique by sharing some part of your life during which you overcame a difficulty. What happened in that room when 20 people sat together to share and listen to one another was nothing short of phenomenal. Everybody has a story inside of them that they do not tell and without exception the greatness I experience in my class mates is down to the struggles they have endured arising as victors and not victims of their circumstances.

"The greatness I experience in my class mates is down to the struggles they have endured - arising as victors and not victims of their circumstances."

I started to wonder if this is perhaps a trait of all entrepreneurs, to begin as coal and allow their hardships to transform them into diamonds which shine a light so bright no one can put it out. It was their struggles which had given them the fight to preserve and that had molded them into self-motivated individuals. What you get when you put twenty self-motivated, inspirational human beings together and then offer them a platform on which they are further motivated and inspired is an explosion of creativity, passion, drive and transformation. None of us sit in class today as the same individuals who began this course and that is all thanks to New Ventures foresight to realize that what we needed was not a just a business course but a life lesson in believing in ourselves and holding our dreams up to the light so that we may see the holes and fill them with strength and wisdom.

From our beginning with Vicky Coates who taught us the power of finding our still point and silencing the inner voice, to T.R.E which helped us release stress, and Marlene who helped us see that even our pain and critics are a gift, we have excelled beyond that which we ever knew possible and I cannot wait for the rest of the journey to unfold before me.

Never before have I wanted to see so many individuals succeed in their endeavors because they deserve it so much, and I have no doubt that in succeeding they will fulfil their ambitions to uplift those around them, because success without social responsibility is devoid of true meaning.

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