Being an Entrepreneur with a purpose

If every person has a purpose on this earth, why is everyone not doing what they love? Why are there unhappy, tired faces surrounding us? If there is a purpose for every soul, why does it seem as if some souls wonder aimlessly?

Dear God, we chose to be placed on this earth to be tested and tried. We could say that the further you drift from your purpose the greater the struggle of life becomes. Some of the questions that we need to ask ourselves while we are on this entrepreneurial path is “Does my fulfilment of purpose provide me with financial freedom? Am I only in this economic struggle because I have drifted? Is purpose something I create?"

I do believe that even the street sweeper has a purpose; however insignificant it may seem to the rest of us. The largest part is that the MAN behind the street sweeper has drifted so far off from HIS purpose that he has redefined it to be “Keeping the streets of our country clean.”

How can we test our own ability as entrepreneurs? Do we look at what we have accomplished as opposed to what we can accomplish? The problem with many entrepreneurs is that their purpose is found only when they are placed in deep waters. When drowning, strength is harvested internally through mind, body and spirit; "Just remain afloat because I know complacency will make me sink."

My mind needs to tell my body to stay afloat, and my soul is there to bring hope. If we as entrepreneurs understand very clearly that if you have been handed everything it’s as if you are sitting on the shore of endless possibilities, not possibilities that the world has to offer but those within yourself. If you never get off that shore your mind, body and soul has not been tested.

An ants deepest fear is a raindrop, yet he reaps the benefit of the rain and when it passes he will continue with his purpose.

As entrepreneurs, let us make that fear the deepest part of the ocean and ask to be placed there so that we too can be shown what our purpose is and how we can fulfil that through our work.

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