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The New Ventures Studio 8-Week Experiential Course is made up of TWO key components: BUSINESS and PERSONAL Skill Development.

We feel a balance is required to handle the excitement and pressures of being an Entrepreneur which is why a daily dose of Self Development is so important; So far we have had a fantastic prescription of Transformer Leadership, Mindfulness, Trauma Release Excercises & Life Coaching to assist the Entrepreneurs (and the management team) on the journey so far.

On Monday, during Transformer Leadership with the effervescent Vicky Coates, we touched on Leadership Discipline 9: The Ceremony of Little Things - Essentially a topic based on living in the NOW. So often as humans we think of this moment (being stuck in traffic, making lunch, sitting in a boring lecture) as being "in the way" of something we would rather be doing later on... What a cheek! Each and every moment is an opportunity to practise personal leadership (it is an ongoing process). And as we learnt on Tuesday with Ingrid Regenas' teachings on Mindfulness; each and every moment is similarly an opportunity to be mindful (our course really has been set up to work together).

With the intenion of developing a sense of destiny for those things we so often take for granted, our Entrepreneurs got together in groups to jot down examples of how they could CARE for the New Ventures Studio program. We picked the Environment, Self Development and the Project (as a brand ambassador).

Here's what they came up with:

Self Development

  • Practise teachings

  • Stay positive

  • Rest, breath

  • Ask questions

  • Be creative

  • HaveFUN


  • Water plants

  • Don't litter

  • Wash up

  • Recycle waste paper

  • Smoke in designated area

  • Respect each other

Project (Brand Ambassador)

  • Share blog posts

  • Show appreciation (email, sms, gift)

  • Give honest feedback

  • Practise what is taught

  • Share what is learnt

So... Look out for Tweets about staying calm and cleaning coffee mugs!

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