NVS Entrepreneur Testimonials #2

We're nearing the halfway mark on the New Ventures Studio journey and after a testing week and a bit of extended one-on-one panel interviews packed with positive, constructive feedback.. the Entrepreneurs are being stretched to their limits.

Some have reverted back to ideas they brought into the program in the first place, others are pivoting and growing their initial thinking beyond their wildest imaginations from what seems like a lifetime ago. Here's a few words of their own to give you a better picture of where the heads they're all scratching are at:

Mitch Barker (32), Digital Marketing.

This experience has taught me how to come out of my shell, to communicate, and to put myself out there - to learn that I am not in a one man race, and certainly not alone in my pursuit to change the world or the valuable lives in it.

I am truly inspired by our leaders and team members, and the programme thus far has proven invaluable, providing life changing principles and systems which can be applied to all areas of one’s life. I can’t wait to be part of the magic that is produced through New Ventures Studio and Caban.

Nkosikho Juqu (28), Computer Training.

It is an honour and privilege to be part of this initiative which has made me see things differently. I am totally different from the day I came to this course. When I reflect back from my experience of starting my business I wish I could have been exposed to this experience of BMC before to effectively start up my business.

I personally regard this as a self-discovery and a learning tool to better my service that will resolve the problem my customers are facing in order to formulate a viable Business Model.

Thanks to the people who took their time to come up with such an innovative way of helping young Entrepreneurs to explore the journey of self-reliance.

Marshall Khunou (22), Media.

On my New Ventures Journey, it has been a productive and effective amount of learning, being a team player, allowing other candidates help structure my business idea. I can only say with such strong management and help from the facilitators, the everyday challenges and goals, I am driven by the journey and the experience is filled with lots of joy.

Brad Sitzer (30), Education.

From day one, New Ventures has been an amazing experience. We kicked off with very engaging ice breakers where friendships were quickly formed. The quality of the recruitment process was evident as the other members on the program have shown time and again to be a motivated and determined to succeed bunch of people. The course has been demanding, but that is where growth has happened for me. Not only a class room talkshop, the program focuses on mental wellbeing and a strong focus on practical execution in the field.

I just hope to have more of the same going forward. I'm definitely out of my comfort zone and loving it!

Kedwyn Kammies (20), Event & Media Production.

So when I started with the program I really didn't know to look forward. I knew it would be filled with information and skills I could use for my business but at the same time the level of self-development is amazing.

Munsoor Rawoot (23), Digital Marketing.

I truly enjoy the self development the course has emphasis on. It's helping me grow in so little time. It's amazing and rewarding.

I'm looking forward to completing the course and starting my own business. This course is exactly what young entrepreneurs need to get themselves started.

Ramazani Senda (22),Visual Comunication

The journey so far at New Ventures Studios has been very fruitful and beneficial, I’ve had an awesome experience and enjoyed every moment even the challenging parts that pick your brain for thought processing and had my palms sweating. I’ve learned so much life and business ethics.

The tools given at the NVS are tools to use for a lifetime in self development and living free.

Webster Kushata (28), Health Shop Owner

The experience has been awesome for me personally I have learned a lot about being self-less, working in groups, the art of listening more. The exercises are also benefiting me. Awesome initiative to New Ventures Studio. Next year I am coming back.

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