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The world of entrepreneurship is often challenging. It demands focus, effort, discovery, learning, unlearning and delivery from the visionary. At times most successful entrepreneurs have reported a 100 hour week in order to ensure successful launch of a sustainable enterprise. Sometimes these hours spent come at a great risk. Risk in that what the visionary may perceive as a dire problem, the assumption that that there is a customer waiting to pay to solve it, and from testing the solution one might actually find that the big idea is in fact a dud and non-existent in the real world. Not a business.

In light of this, it is important that this tough yet stimulating journey is held in a safe space. We want to preserve our sanity here! So it is critical for the New Ventures Studio process, which is challenging and experiential, that self-development is a strong pillar for the training. One of the techniques introduced to the participants is the revolutionary TRE® (Tension, Stress & Trauma Release Exercise) training sessions facilitated Ingrid Regenass, Integral Health. TRE® is an innovative series of exercises that assist the body in releasing deep muscular patterns of stress, tension and trauma. Through a natural reflex mechanism of shaking or vibrating that releases muscular tension, essentially it is calming down the nervous system. This way the entrepreneur is able to stay focused and make healthy choices from a point of stillness.

Stress management is critical and cathartic. While research shows that ‘pushers’ who are intrinsically motivated are less likely to suffer burn out than those who are motivated externally; the body still interprets stress via physiological chemistry induced during stressful incidents and these are often stored as tension in our bodies or files in the hardware called the Brain.

If we do not encourage our bodies to release any form of stress in a healthy manner we might find ourselves overwhelmed and lashing out our team members irrationally.

While the participants were a bit hesitant or mystified rather, the idea of stretching internally and externally certainly seemed to excite them. After a couple of the exercises, the room settled into a palpable state of calm. Eventually most participants were shaking away and tuned into their own processes.

One of the key learnings of TRE is training ourselves to integrate with

the present moment, learning to self- regulate and practising self-care. Often I can get so carried away that I forget to look after myself. So for me, I could immediately feel a tingle of aliveness with me throughout the day. You know that warm fuzzy feeling and it reminded me to remember myself amidst it all, go figure.

What may happen, like for one of our participants, is that the body may start to connect with the emotions we often set aside to avoid short term pain. The learning in this case is that these emotions are gifts at times. The participant shared that he was having flashbacks of a current deteriorating relationship and he wished that the facilitator could undo it. However it was pointed out that these emotions can be an intuitive GPS for us in the future. Now that he had connected with those feelings and released a positive response i.e. shaking, staying present, deep breathing, his body or memory would be able to guide him in future when he enters into relationships. Whereas if he shut out the emotions he could find himself making the same mistake because growth had not happened.

In essence we all find value in spending time taking care of ourselves and our aspirant entrepreneurs definitely treasure this hour.


  • Stress, anxiety and trauma are common events in people’s lives. We often experience stress on a daily level, either at home or at work. The body constantly responds to elevated levels of stress by contracting the muscles to ‘get through’ the problem. However, we seldom recognize these contractions until we experience pain, discomfort or illness. By practicing preventative techniques like TRE, we can prevent stress and tension levels from elevating to a point of chronic illness.

  • Activating the relaxation response of the parasympathetic nervous system builds resilience

  • Self care is a must to maintain balance

  • TRE or any other modality or tool is only useful if the process is safe and pleasurable. It is important that as the keeper of our own bodies we can learn to self-regulate and listen to the signals our bodies gives us on a daily basis

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