NVS Entrepreneur Testimonials #1

Creating Wealth In Partnership with Young Entrepreneurs

There's a lot on the New Ventures Studio Entrepreneurs' plates at the moment; late nights populating their Business Model Canvases on Launchpad Central, a demanding daily schedule of interviews with potential customers and the panel, Self Development, Pivots, being locked out of classroom doors at 08:30 sharp despite living over an hour away... Due to the nature of these beasts however they still found the time to let us know their thoughts on the program thus far. In the next couple weeks, we'll give you the opportunity to hear what THEY have to say:

Thando Sigege (22), Media.

First of all I want to thank the New Ventures team and to those who have contributed to this program. Its seldom you find programs like these, in a country where it’s main driver to aid the current economic situation is by churning out funding to and for entrepreneurs and entrepreneurship. One would think that the solution would be to produce Entrepreneurs who are equipped to create and run businesses that will be able to tackle such a task. Sadly that has not been the case until New Ventures come along.

New Ventures, in the way they teach an entrepreneur about entrepreneurship is very unorthodox, which is exactly what we need. Entrepreneurs being unorthodox beings themselves view and think about the world in a very different manner. New Ventures taps into to this dimension of the entrepreneur and teaches them how to extract these ideas and turn them into viable businesses. This is paramount if this country is to achieve what it intends to achieve in the long run with entrepreneurs.

My Journey thus far has been a testing one. Mentally and personally I’ve been tested. Yet it’s been very fruitful. I can tell you one thing; I am not the same person that I was at the beginning of this program. I am more equipped with knowledge and tools now then I’ve ever been before, I feel that New Ventures is over delivering on they promises. As they not only breeding a new group of entrepreneurs, but personally I feel they are also breeding a new group of thinkers and leaders. I might not be the final product right now, but in the coming weeks I see myself becoming the product that will redesign and shape the future of South Africa and Africa as a whole.

If I ever fail to do so, which I doubt, I am very sure that the blue print that is the New Ventures program will produce someone that will, and when they do, I will be waiting for them personally as one of the investors who would be investing in this program and the entrepreneurs New Ventures produce.

My experience at New Ventures Studio has taken me through a range of emotions. I have learnt techniques, that I was previously unaware even existed. I have been inspired by other members in the group, I have been shifted out of my own comfort zone and been pushed "gently" to question my old thinking. New Ventures Studio has managed to take me on this trip in a very relaxed and fun environment, which is very important to me, since I have a very short concentration span.

Ryan Geel (32), Home/Office Storage Solutions.

With well over 8 years’ experience in business management, one gets into specific frames of thought that sometimes are outdated and not valid or in my case, could also be self-hindering in my own personal journey through entrepreneurship.

What I can say is that within the last 2 weeks that I have spent with the New Ventures team is that both they and the program are amazing; it’s a functional solution, it’s current and as it stands I am seeing clearer than ever.

The structure is demanding however it doesn't just ask me to get ready it puts me in the scenario where I need to act in order to be ready.

I look forward to the rest of this journey and beyond, and as part of the appreciation element of this course that is part of my daily habits that i need to instil into my routine I would like to thank all of you for what you have done and the opportunity that you have offered me.

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