Stress Less. Gooooooong..........

On Tuesday morning, one or two Enterpreneurs arrived slightly after 08:30 (daily start time) and may have been surprised by what they walked in on. Seated in a semi-circle of monk-like silence were 20 calm and serene Entepreneurs -I'm sure there's an gap for a Guiness World Record here..

As part of our daily personal development training, the New Ventures Studio was graced with the captivating presence of Ingrid Regenass, here to impart her wisdom on the crucial art of Mindfulness.


She gently taps two small metal cymbals strung together by piece of leather - we are not the first room to be settled this way.

Breeeeeeathe.......... in, 2, 3, 4.....

Aaaaaand out........ 3, 4, 5, 6.......

"Hold on to the sound of the bells for as long as possible," she says calmly.


Breeeeeeathe.......... in, 2, 3, 4.....

Aaaaaand out........ 3, 4, 5, 6.......

Once the room is settled we all open our eyes and begin the first learnings of mindfulness:

The course is to be run in conjunction with Stress & Trauma Release Excercises (T.R.E.) every week. As human beings, we all experience various degrees of stress in our daily lives. As an Entrepreneur, it is critical to be aware of these stresses in order to make the best possible decisions in any given moment to move forward with.

Humans have the most advanced neural and nervous systems on the planet. And after a quick recap of Biology 101, we learnt that in order to perform at full potential we need to learn to create a safe environment.

The amygdala and hippocampus are two medial temporal lobe structures located in the middle of your brain (your thumb in the diagram above) which store memory and emotion. When these are triggered we react with one of 4 main nervous instinct in the brain stem (the base of your palm); We either Fight or Flight, Freeze or create Safety. It is our ability to strengthen the Ventral Vagus Nerve (of the parasympathetic nervous system) using mindfulness techniques that creates that safety - allowing us to make better decisions, with kindness and without judgement in any given moment.

Our homework task for the next few weeks was a simple breathing excercise: For at least 5 minutes a day, settle oneself in an upright seated position, feet on the ground and hands comfortable in your lap. Just BREATH; 4 seconds in, 6 seconds out... Focus on a point in your breath - the air passing the top of your lip, your lungs filling up - whatever it is you notice most easily. Your mind will wander - let it and bring it back. A presentation due tomorrow - Breath. A fight you had last week - Breath. A pair of ducks quacking in the vlei outside - Breath.

Well done. That is the first step towards Mindfulness. We look forward to sharing the journey with you.

Have you practiced Mindfulness before? Tell us in the comments below!




COME BACK - to your intention, your breath, this moment.

TURN TOWARDS - pleasure AND discomfort

KINDNESS - to ourselves, to others.

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