Listen, Pitch & Pivot, Pivot, PIVOT!

What a first week it has been at New Ventures Studio. A huge well done and thank you to everyone involved.

Firstly to the Entrepreneurs, who have sacrificed so much to be here. The week's external facilitators, Vicky Coates and Abe Oliver - we can't wait to build on the ways of thinking you both introduced. New Ventures Team - Sofia, Nthaks and Aaminah, well done so far we're headed in the right direction. To all the support staff at LifeChoices you have all helped in so many ways, carrying tables and accruing chocolates, building websites, measurements and tests, rasing funding and helping us spend it.

And last but not least, to the friends, fools and family of all those out there supporting us on this journey toward prosperity. I started the week with a description of Entrepreneurship being a long and often lonely road but after talking to so many people have now realised it need not be a lonely one. That's called a PIVOT - and it's what entrepreneurs do when they test their hypotheses.

Today was our first Friday and in the morning session we listened to 2 group presentations summarizing the first round of customer development interviews. The insight recorded and analysed was excellent and gave the Entrepreneurs, and the panel, plenty to talk about. Really looking forward to Monday's final group presentations.

It is amazing how much we learn when we simply get out the building and listen to what the experts have to say.

In a week where the future of our country has unified behind a common voice - here's to a weekend (and lifetime) spent listening, pitching and pivoting.



Updated Business Model Canvas with changes

  • Hypotheses: What we thought

  • Experiments: What we did

  • Results: What we found

  • Action: What we are going to do next

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