Siphiwo Zenzile (30), Digital Media


For 30-year-old Siphiwo Zenzile, being an entrepreneur means using his ideas as a vehicle to bring forth positive change in people’s lives – indirectly and directly. Describing himself as a creative, Siphiwo’s business offers a range of services like Branding, Graphic Design, Web Design and Social Media Management.


“NVS has introduced me to new ways of looking at things in my personal life, as well as in my journey as an entrepreneur. Going forward I’m excited about using what I am learning in my next business moves. ”

Saadiqah Ariefdien (24), Business Consulting

Saadiqah Ariefdien is a young woman that means business. She owns and manages her own HR, Project Management and administration company called Saadz Business Consultants – currently focussing on disabled learnerships.


“I have a passion for business as a whole, I see myself becoming a successful entrepreneur and expanding my businesses. New Ventures Studio has guided me in the right direction in seeking my passion and goals. Thank you NVS for all the support and guidance - greatly appreciated.”


She has been working for and with her father, who is disabled himself, since the early age of nine years old, helping out with administration before branching off to start her own company.

Ashley Epstein (25), Innovative Agriculture


Ashley Epstein is a 25-year-old entrepreneurial import from Mauritius. He wants to be an entrepreneur because it is “an unlimited avenue where Innovation, creation and growth can meet.” He firmly believes that Entrepreneurship is, can and will change the world.


He is currently exploring the idea of Sustainable Urban Farming through the use of Indoor Vertical Farming technology as a way to provide food security in Large Urban areas.


“NVS Has been an incredible learning curve and one that I will never forget. I now feel confident and excited to explore any idea that comes to mind by implementing the tools and techniques that I have learned through the process. The course structure, information and presentation were spot on.”


I experience Highlights every day of being on this beautiful planet and the main highlights to date have been to learn the ins and outs of creating a sound business plan with the aim of constantly making progress to move the vision forward.

Meet the New Ventures Studio

Entrepreneurs from JAN 2016

Yoliswa Gqirana (31), Wellness Centres


Yoliswa Gqirana is the type of person inspired by change and challenges, “If it does not challenge me then it’s not worth it. Being an Entrepreneur to me means doing what I love while being in charge of my own income. There is nothing more exciting for me in this word. I embrace the sweat that comes with knowing that I am building an empire for myself and my customers.”


She sees herself as one of the big names in the world of health and fitness, specialising in the people of the Townships. She would like to be able to change people’s mind-sets and mostly importantly teach the importance of healthy living and exercise amongst other things.


“I sit here knowing that there are people out there who lack the information and knowledge that I have learned (through the NVS course) about life - to be able to live life to the fullest. My mission is to reach out to those people by doing what I do and helping them open their eyes in order to start enjoying the journey of life.”

Zuko Jack (31), Hospitality


Zuko Jack is a gourmet food and music entrepreneur who endeavours to lead the trend of pop up events and functions.  Driven for success, Zuko lives by a quote from Winston Churchill “History will be kind to me, for I intend to write it.”


He says that New Ventures Studio has been a great platform for him to redefine his story. “Each classroom is a melting pot of creativity and inspiration.  Having worked in the corporate world in various positions for the past eight years, I found the fire burning within me being slowly extinguished.  NVS has been a force that has re-ignited the fire that was slowly dying.”


He adds that the support he received is a constant reminder to him that he is well on his way to launching his restaurant empire.

Unathi Jantjies (28), Hospitality


Hailing from one of Cape Town’s finest townships, Gugulethu, Unathi Jantjies is a passionate and driven entrepreneur in the Hospitality (Food & Beverage) industry. Unathi desires to open a gourmet food restaurant in her community that will offer South African cuisine with a twist.


“My top highlights in the course so far have been the Transformation-Leadership workshop, learning how to start-up, learning to compile a business plan and most importantly, being granted the opportunity to meet and attend a free course with one of South Africa's well known best chef, Shanaaz Parker.”


Being an entrepreneur has always been a life-long dream for Unathi, who plans to achieve her goals and inspire young black females all around South Africa.”   


Marlise Roberts (31), Cleaning Service


Marlise Roberts is a 31-year-old wife and supermom of three. “The reason for me becoming an entrepreneur did not happen overnight – various factors contributed to this. I needed to implement my work ethic to benefit myself and my family, to boost my financial situation and also to make a change, both socially and personally. I needed to be more and do more.”


With the unemployment battle in her community she knew that she wanted to create employment, bring about change and the positivity needed.


“With the help of the New Ventures Studio, I now see myself amongst the most successful business woman in South Africa. In this short time I’ve been with NVS, I have received the tools to be successful and also discovered ‘ME’ and the greatness I have within. For that I will be forever grateful.”

Zaheer Petersen (29), Property Development


Zaheer Petersen is 29 years old and loves a good challenge. “The reason I chose the path of an entrepreneur is because I like the challenge of doing things differently, as South Africa does not have many people going in that direction. It offers me a challenge in transforming my own life through starting my own business which I would be directly responsible for.”


He is moving into the affordable housing sector where the market is massive and the demand offers huge potential for profit. He wants to supply eco-friendly houses to low and middle income families and individuals. 


“Starting this course I assume it would be a walk in the park. However, where I am now I realize how wrong I was. In 5 years I see myself running a successful company that is well known in the Cape Town community for the difference we made in so many lives and for challenging people to think differently.”


“My highlight of the course was meeting Vicky Coates and experiencing the Transformer Leadership course. I really felt that she was speaking to me personally.”

Alexandra Norris (26), Therapist


Lexi Norris is a twenty-six-year-old British expat in the business of empowering parents to help create a generation of emotionally intelligent children.


“Although some people consider mental health care a luxury, I consider it a necessity. I have created a company making psychologically educational products for parents and kids. I believe a lot of us lack the support and know-how to manage challenges in our lives, it is my dream to provide a product and service to make the access to this information and support widely available.


She once read the quote that “Ambition is believing in yourself even when no one else does. "I believe ambition and drive are what make a good entrepreneur and I have these in bucket loads. As well as this is I love taking calculated risks. Many people find themselves building someone else’s dream due to the fear of risk and failure. I believe in myself and my dreams and I want my job to be my passion. I have always been an individual who is not afraid to break free from the pack, my fear is not to work for myself but to work towards something I don’t believe in for someone whose values I cannot align myself with.


Saarah Ebrahim (22), Fashion Designer


Saarah Ebrahim is a 22-year-old local fashion designer living out her childhood fantasy.


“As a young girl, as many do, I imagined myself having a clothing brand and decided to venture into this dream by obtaining my degree in Fashion Design. The urgency and passion grew stronger as time passed and I am now on my way to launching Elia Kids fashion wear for young girls. I am privileged to be a part of the New Ventures Entrepreneurial course where I have gained an immense amount of knowledge that will guide my way forward on becoming a successful entrepreneur.”

Tawanda Manyika (25), Healthy Fast Food Chain


Tawanda Manyika is a 25-year-old from Zimbabwe who wants to be an entrepreneur to bring change in the world. “I believe that I was created for a purpose and a reason and that is what drives me every day to lead a purpose driven life. I would like to describe myself as the food saviour who is starting a food revolution.”


He is in the HEALTHY FAST FOOD INDUSTRY looking to launch SALVADOR, because fast food can be healthy!


“New Ventures Studio has opened my horizons. I came to the course with no clue on how to start a business, though I knew exactly what I wanted to do. With my coaches help they have directed me, shoulder to shoulder to create a meaningful business plan.”


Currently his business plan is shaping up and making a lot of sense, the vision is becoming clear. He is more importantly convinced he will be able to implement and execute it. 

Wendy Somlavi (22), Public Service


Wendy Somlavi is a young entrepreneur that thrives in the passion of her fellow millennials that live in the spirit of “vuka uzenzele” which means to take your future in your own hands. As a procurement supplier of quality toilet paper, Wendy has a dream of running her own profitable toilet paper and cleaning products manufacturing business, including a bin cleaning service for local communities based in Khayelitsha.


Driven to attain success, Wendy says that she is haunted by the dream of building her own empire one day and leaving a remarkable legacy in South Africa.


“I want to open opportunities for other under privileged millennials and build a well-known household brand in Mzansi. I enjoy the feeling of knowing I created something from nothing and finding opportunities out of simple and innovative things that enable other people to put food on the table.”


Wendy says that her experience with New Ventures Studio has been remarkably positive.

Khululekani Nyobole (26), Cleaning Products


"Khulah" Nyobole is 26-years-old and living in Khayelitsha. “In my upbringing I was always fascinated by a hygienic lifestyle. I enjoyed creating a clean and healthy environment for my household and for the community.”


However, the growing rate of environmental degradation surrounding him brought his attention to the opportunity of venturing into the cleaning industry. “I want to be an entrepreneur because I want to bring the change in our communities. I want to create a platform for people to grow economically while sustaining the environment at the same time.”


He sees an irony in that the majority of poor people are the ones using products that are not eco-friendly. “Thus, I am bringing the eco-friendly cleaning products to the communities at an affordable price.”


“New Venture Studios did not only help me with formulating and structuring my business, but the organization transformed my life. I am more optimistic about my life.”

Mfundo Ntoni (19), Online Advertising


Mfundo Ntoni is a nineteen-year-old from Wellington aspiring to be the first entrepreneur in his family of four. After complementing his matric in 2014, he enrolled at Damelin College to do his Diploma in Journalism and Media Studies, but unfortunately had to drop out due to financial restrictions. He started attending entrepreneurship courses to learn more about the business world. Late last year he saw the New Ventures Studio ad on Facebook, applied and was accepted into the course.


“I have learnt a lot in a very short space of time. One of my highlights of the course is when I had to conduct customer discovery interviews, validating the assumptions I had made with my potential clients. What I took out from that experience is that, where there is a problem, there is business and money to be made, all one has to do is to come up with a solution. Hence I came up with an idea of an online advertising platform, for small and medium enterprises who cannot afford advertising.”


I see myself having a sustainable business that will create employment for people in my community, and contribute towards the economy of the country.

Ziglinde de Jager (26), Leadership Training


Ziglinde de Jager is an out-of-the-box thinker, business lover and dreamer.  Her desire to see people living in their truth has led her in creating Pioneers Arise, a business that will change and challenge the way people think about business by giving them training in personal leadership. 


“NVS has helped me pin down my big dreams to a plan that is tangible and presentable to businesses, so I can start making this dream a reality.”


She adds that in the course she has been motivated and inspired by the NVS mentors and classmates.